Field list

  • BG1 (optional color modifier, defaults to #000000)
  • BG2 (optional color modifier, defaults to #757575)
  • image
  • name - Name of the species (singular)
  • designation - Sentient, Semi-sentient, or Non-sentient
  • class - The biological group to which the species belongs (Mollusk, Reptomammal, Canine, Feline, etc.)
  • planet - The planet of origin for the species
  • habitat - The general environment in which the species lives. For sentient species who live in settlements, this field is non-pertinent.
  • diet - The type of food the species eats. If specifics are unknown, values such as Carnivore, Omnivore, etc. may be used.
  • language - The native language of most members of the species. For non-sentient species and some semi-sentient species this is non-pertinent.
  • height - The average height of an adult member of the species.
  • length - The average length of an adult member of the species. This is generally only pertinent to species with horizontal orientations.
  • wingspan - The average wingspan of an adult member of the species.
  • weight - The average mass of an adult member of the species.
  • skincolor - All known skin pigmentations exhibited by the species. This includes scales, hides, membranes, etc.
  • haircolor - All known hair or fur colors exhibited by the species.
  • feathers - All known feather colors exhibited by the species.
  • eyecolor - All known eye colors exhibited by the species.
  • distinctions - Any features that set the species apart.
  • lifespan - The average lifespan of a healthy member of the species.
  • races - Names or descriptions of subspecies and races of the species.
  • members - Notable members of the species.


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