RPG D6 Stats

Control Difficulty: Easy for stunned characters; Moderate for incapacitated characters; Difficult for mortally wounded characters.
Required Powers: Control Pain.
Effect: Remain conscious allows a Jedi to remain conscious even when he has suffered injuries which would knock him unconscious. In game terms, when a character with this power suffers this kind of injury, they lose all of their actions for the rest of the round, but they are still conscious (normal characters automatically pass out). On the next round, the character may attempt to activate the power - this must be the first action of that round; the Jedi cannot even dodge or parry. If the role is unsuccessful, the Jedi passes out. If successful, the Jedi can do any one other action declared for that round - often characters will attempt to control pain so that he will be able to remain conscious. Once this action is completed, the Jedi will lapse into unconsciousness, unless control pain or something else is done to keep the character conscious.

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