RPG D6 Stats

Sense Difficulty: Very Easy. Modified by proximity and relationship.
Required Ability: Life Detection.
This power may be kept "up" to track a target.
Effect: The user can sense the presence and identity of a specific person for whom he searches. The user can sense how badly wounded, diseased or otherwise physically disturbed the target is. If the user is in close proximity to the target - 100 meters or less - then the user can sense what direction the target is from the user. The user should have a fair idea of the distance involved (give an error of 0-50% either way, using 1d6 - 1 and multiplying by 10). A target may hide his identity from the user using life sense by rolling his control skill and adding it to the difficulty. If the user is of the Light Side and the target is of the Dark Side, then the difficulty number for detection is reduced by the number of Dark Side points the target has.


The effect of Life Sense has been expanded upon based on information provided in the article "For the Greater Good" from Dragon Magazine #157.

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