RPG D6 Stats

Sense Difficulty: Moderate, modified by astrogation difficulty.
Required Powers: Magnify Senses.
Effect: This is the more well known ability of the Jedi to calculate astrogation routes without the use of a nav computer. The Jedi uses his sense skill to feel through the myriad of hyperspace routes to determine the safest path. The difficulty is modified by the treacherousness of the path:

Task Is Modifier
Very Easy 0
Easy 0
Moderate 0
Difficult +5
Very Difficult +10
Heroic +15

If the Jedi succeeds at charting the course, she needs only generate an Easy astrogation total to plot a safe path. If the Jedi fails the roll, the astrogation difficulty is automatically Very Difficult; if the roll is missed by more than five points, increase the difficulty to Heroic.

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