RPG D6 Stats

Control Difficulty: Very Easy for wounded or stunned characters; Easy for incapacitated characters; Difficult for mortally wounded characters.
The power can be kept up, so the character can ignore the pain of injuries for a long period of time. However, whenever the character is injured again, the Jedi must make a new control pain roll, with the difficulty being the new level of injury.
Effect: An injured character who uses control pain can act as if he has not been wounded the next round after he uses the skill. The wound is not healed, but the character doesn’t suffer the penalties of being wounded: a wounded Jedi doesn’t loose 1D from all actions; an incapacitated character can still act normally, as can a mortally wounded character. This power can also be used to shrug off any stun results. However, the injury can still grow worse even if the character doesn’t feel the pain. For example, a character who’s been wounded twice and is wounded again would still become incapacitated. Mortally wounded users make the same rolls as other mortally wounded characters, even if they aren’t feeling any pain.

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