For every +1 pip that a character increases her martial arts skill above the base Brawling or Melee Combat skill, she may pick one of the techniques from the list of the martial style in which their character specializes. Learning a technique from outside a style costs 10 character points and takes three weeks of training. Characters whose martial arts skill is increased during character creation are eligible to select from the techniques. Characters must also declare which technique they are using prior to making the required skill roll (unless otherwise indicated).

Basic Maneuvers

(The basic maneuvers are free techniques. They are used by all the martial arts and are even available to those who do not have any martial training. They represent basic strikes and brawling.)

Maneuver: Punch/Strike
Description: A basic attack with a fist, elbow or other striking appendage.
Difficulty: Very Easy
Effect: Does Strength damage.

Maneuver: Kick/Strike
Description: A basic attack with a foot, knee or other lower striking appendage.
Difficulty: Easy
Effect: Does Strength+2 damage.

Maneuver: Hold/Grapple
Description: A simple grab and squeeze attack.
Difficulty: Moderate or an opposed Strength roll.
Effect: The character attempting to grapple with a target must make a Moderate brawling roll to hold her opponent. For every round the target is held, the character must make an opposed Strength roll, with a +1 penalty for each point by which the character succeeded in her grapple attempt. If the target beats her Strength roll he breaks free of the hold.


All the martial arts house rules are based on WEG Star Wars: Rules of Engagement, White Wolf's World of Darkness: Combat, Stephen Morgan's Star Wars Martial Arts: Revised and Expanded and some original revisions.

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