Cabrero Pirates
Cabrero Pirates
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Hallyy Cabrero


Hallyy Cabrero

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12 BBY

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  • Rise of the Empire
  • Rebellion

Nihtrad Crime Syndicate

The Cabrero Pirates were founded by a female Wroonian named Hallyy Cabrero. Hallyy got her start as a smuggler at a young age. With the increasing Imperial crack down on smuggling, she decided it was time for a change of careers. Not willing to give up her life as a spacer and knowing that taking up a legitimate career would be boring, Hallyy chose to take up piracy. Seeing how females could be mistreated in the male-dominated underworld, Hallyy sought out strong female smugglers and pirates to fill the role of her core crew. They started out hitting small targets, mostly other light freighters and vessels her crew could handle.

Hallyy and her female-dominated crew hijicked a Corellian corvette on Celanon, which they would christen the Dark Mistress. The Cabrero Pirates continued to operate in the Borderlands where they primarily hit Imperial and corporate vessels. As her reputation grew, so did her crew. Soon Hallyy had a small fleet and an increasing reputation. Hallyy was asked to meet with Bartok the Hutt at his fortress on Darthin. Seeing an opportunity to increase her resources and wealth, Hallyy agreed to merge her pirates with Nihtrad.

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