The Force power Awareness allowed a Force-sensitive character to be open to the Force, feeling the ripples and vibrations of it through a metaphysical way. It differed from the power Sense Disturbance by allowing the Jedi to feel the changing currents of the Force.

RPG D6 Stats

Sense Difficulty: Easy to feel tremors in the Force. Moderate to identify if they are Light or Dark side in nature. Very Difficult to specifically identify the source of the tremor(s). Modified by proximity.
Prerequisite: 1D in the Sense skill
Time To Use: 1 Round below 3D Sense, Constant above 3D Sense.
Description: This power allows a Jedi to be present and mindful of the currents within the Force. With Awareness, a Jedi is able to feel the distinct disturbances and other ripples within the surrounding Force.
As a Force-sensitive begins to train and focus on the Force, they are able to mentally reach out and touch the Force, feeling it through a metaphysical means. As their training progresses, they are able to identify and discern ripples and disturbances within the energy of the Force. Prior to or at the skill level of 3D, a Force-sensitive needs to actively reach out and touch the Force with their mind in order to feel it and read any vibrations they encounter through the Force. Above the skill level of 3D, a Force-sensitive has become attuned to feeling the Force and his/her Awareness is constantly active. At 5D, a character can begin discerning what disturbances and ripples are and what they may mean. Above 7D, a character can readily sense those vibrations within the Force and may be able to identify the source of those vibrations.

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